General Terms and Conditions
The general terms and conditions of the Sportpension Dresden im Sportpark Rabenberg e.V. (SPDD) are valid for gastronomic accomodation as well as for all other services, such as usage of sports facilities and seminar rooms.
Furthermore, all internal company regulations are valid, such as: house rules and fire protection code.

The Sportpension Dresden staff team kindly asks you to read the terms and conditions after arrival.
Signing of Contract
By registering or lawful signing of the occupancy contract the guest offers the SPDD an accomodation contract. Following receipt, the occupancy contract has to be sent back to the SPDD till the date announced. If the SPDD cannot take notice of receipt of the signed occupancy contract in time, it will have the right to reserve this room for other guests' requests. Booking of service after the deadline is possible on request. No legal claims can be made on the basis thereof.
The accomodation contract is valid as soon as the room is ordered and the order is confirmed or – in case confirmation was impossible due to time reasons –made available. In any case, a contract is coming off by lawful signing. Signing of the accomodation contract obligates both contract parties to fulfill the contract, regardless of the contract duration.
Arrival, Departure and Use of Facilities
Room check-in is possible only after 4 pm on the day of arrival. Rooms have to be cleared before 10 am on the day of departure. In special cases, room shifting is possible on request if rooms have not been reserved for other guests yet. When clearing a room after 2 pm, half of the room rent is due and when clearing the room after 6 pm, full room rent is due, except other arrangements had been made. Use of facilities and catering services is possible before 4 pm on the day of arrival and after 10 am on the day of departure on request. Additional costs for this will be calculated according to the newest price list.
Priorities for the use of facilities will be given to departing guests till 12 am and to arriving guests after 12 pm.
Keys for the rooms reserved have to be obtained by 6 pm on day of arrival. If this does not happen and if a later time of arrival has not been clearly announced in advance, the SPDD can make use of the rooms. The contracting partner then has to accept a different accomodation.
If less than 50 % of training participants stay overnight at the SPDD, the costs for using the gym or seminar rooms will be calculated according to the newest pricelist for each day.


Services, Prices, Pets
The services provided are part of the contract.
The price includes accomodation, booked catering and value-added tax (exceptions are mentioned in the pricelists for additional offers and rentals).
Consumption of meals and beverages that were not obtained at the guest house (customary packing) is not allowed.
If trainings / events / conferences / stays will be provided with other catering than of the guest house, a fee of 4.00 € will be charged per day and person.
Reimbursement of unused services is not possible.
Rooms for events and seminars are at the contracting partners' disposal at the times arranged. Reception staff can be consulted if a longer duration of use is demanded.
Attaching advertising or decoration is only possible with permission by the management.
4.7. The organiser is responsible for keeping public legal provisions in connection to use of facilities. Newspaper announcements and the implementation of sales events require a written permission of the management in advance.
The SPDD has the right to cancel events that vitiate the SPDD's interests, harm the SPDD's reputation or disrupt the business flow. In this case the organiser has no right to demand compensation.
Bringing along pets is only possible on permission by the management. An all-in cleaning rate of 15.00 € will be charged. Dogs have to be taken on the leash on the club’s premises. Owners are expected to clean up after their animals.
 Liability of Offers
If the duration between a price offer and signing of a contract exceeds 2 months, the SPDD has the right to update the prices. These changes will be reported to you as price updating.
If the specifications provided by the contracting partners about the course content does not correspond with the implemented course, fees will be adjusted.
In case the value-added tax is going to change after singing of contract, the arranged price will change accordingly.
All prices and arrangements displayed are valid in EURO.
The SPDD is entitled to demand prepayment of 80 % of the agreed price.
6.2. The contracting partner is liable to the SPDD for paying any services (food, drinks) made use of by course participants.
All invoices are due immediately without discount.
Withdrawal by the Guest, Changes by the Guest
All withdrawals or changes of contract contents after signing of contract must be made in writing.
Cancellation fees
The contracting partner can resign from the contract at any time. The receipt date of the contracting partner’s announcement of cancellation by the SPDD is decisive and can only happen in writing. If the contracting partner resigns from the contract, the SPDD has the right to demand a corresponding compensation for the measures taken and efforts made in advance.
The SPDD has the right to charge the following cancellation fees instead of the concrete calculation per guest:
up until 60 days before arrival: free of charge
59 to 30 days before arrival: 40% of the total accomodation cost
less than 30 days before arrival: 80% of the total accomodatin costs
at the day of arrival (reduction in number of persons coming): 100 % of the total accomodation costs and full catering charge
In case of the contract cancellation by the contracting partner, the SPDD has the right to ask for reimbursement of costs actually incurred, which can exceed the cancellation fees.
The contracting partner is free to prove the SPDD that a lower damage has been incurred to the guest house.
For group bookings (more than 15 persons), we offer free cancellation on arrival for the following number of persons:
up to 15 persons: 1 person
16 or more persons: 2 persons
Cancellation by the Sportpension Dresden
The SPDD is entitled to declare the contract terminated without observing a notice period if a guest repeatedly disturbes the stay despite being warned by the SPDD or if the guest behaves against the contract in such a way that the termination of the contract is justifiable. If the contract is cancelled by the SPDD, it is entitled to receive the whole contract price.
Booking Catering for Conferences
Up until 14 days prior to the event: free cancellation
13 to 8 days prior to the event: 50 % cancellation fees of agreed price or lost turnover
Changes in number of persons getting meals at the same day are possible, but the actual number may not be less than 80 % of the persons planned.
The contracting partner is liable for losses and damages that happen to the facility by him/herself, his/her employees and participants of his/her events.
10.2. If contracting partners park their vehicles on the premises of the SPDD, this fact does not result in safe custody. There is no obligation for monitoring by the SPDD. The SPDD is not liable for theft or damages on vehicles, except these were intended or result from a gossly negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or agent of the SPDD. Parking is only allowed on the marked parking lots.
If the SPDD orders or purchases technical equipment or other services by third parties for a contracting partner, it does so on behalf and on account of the contracting partner.
The contracting partner is responsible for the participation in freetime and sports activities. Sports equipment and freetime facilities should undergo a visual and functional test. Malfunctions have to be reported immediately.
10.4. The SPDD is constantly striving for immediate help with technical defects. A discount in case of faulty equipment is only possible if the use of this equipment is part of the contract and if a removal of these faults by the SPDD is not possible. The contracting partners are liable for damages caused willingly.
The SPDD is not liable for private property of the contracting partners.
The SPDD is neither liable for on time wake up services nor for on time delivery and correctness of transmitted messages.
The SPDD acts only as a mediator (§ 275 BGB) of bookings and services provided by its partner companies between the persons and the transportation companies involved and is not liable for damages, accidents, losses or delays.
If a service which is part of the accomodation contract is provided by another organiser, this fact will be clearly announced in the confirmation or in the occupancy contract or in the corresponding catalogue, letter, advertising material etc. Business terms of the organiser are applicable. The SPDD is only liable in its role as a mediator.
Claims against the SPDD because of non-fulfilment of obligations that were part of the contract have to be made within 28 days after departure. These claims expire within 6 months after departure. If the guest has made any claims, the expiration term will be frozen until complete clarification of the issue. 

Sportpension Dresden – a Non Smoker Facility
Sports and health belong together. The vast majority of guests in our facility are non-smokers. Therefore, you find yourself in a non smoker facility. In the sense of mutual respect we aks for full compliance with this regulation. Where this regulation is infringed, the management has the right to take countervailing measures. The SPDD will charge guests who smoke in their rooms a special cleaning fee.
Severability Clause
Should individual terms of this agreement be ineffective or lose their effectiveness due to later circumstances, the legal effectiveness of the other provisions is not affected. Helpdesk services are provided in good faith but without guarantee.
Guests are not allowed to transfer the contractual and legal rights to third parties.
Oral arrangements become binding when confirmed in writing by the SPDD.
Managing director
authoring date: 1st February 2011