Seminar Room 1

The lengthly room has a size of about 40 m² with the special equipment and flair of a typical seminar room. It has a capacity of 25 people maximum. The windows on the front side ensure a sufficient amount of daylight in the room.
Rectangular tables are part of its basic equipment. The technical equipment consists of an overhead projector, whiteboard and a flipchart. Other equipment will be supplied on request.

Seminar Room 2

This room has a size of 130 m² (11 x 12 m) and has a capacity of 50 persons. There is a long window front on both sides of the room, which provides a lot of daylight.

Rectangular tables are part of the basic equipment. Chairs can be arranged accordingly. No matter if you demand a U-shaped, parliament, cinema or block arrangement of chairs for your conference – all can be put up according to your wishes.

An overhead projector, whiteboard, a flipchart and a TV set are part of the technical equipment. A WiFi connection is available. Other equipment can be provided on request.